NEOBULLE Evolu'bulle review

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 Evolu'Bulle from Néobulle is an adjustable baby carrier in sling fabric with mixed shoulder straps and tie belt.

It allows to wear front, hip and back from birth to 18 kg . This meï-ti is one of the oldest but has evolved to always please wearers. The origin of the name Evolu'bulle is not the result of chance: this mei-tai baby carrier is champion of scalability! Here is a detailed review of this physiological baby carrier, safe value of the market, tested for you with a 2 year old toddler. THE EVOLU'BULLE, A HIGHLY SCALABLE BABY CARRIER His apron is multi-adjustable: The seat is adjusted in width by a scratch band located on the belt. By lifting the bottom of the apron, position it at the desired width on the belt. Previously the adjustment of this seat width was done by pressure. But Neobulle has opted for the velcro strap to allow greater precision and thus, a tailor-made fit for your baby: the width of the fabric between the legs of your child is adjustable from 17 to 45 cm . In height, the modulation system of the deck is double: first, the lower part of the file. With a minimum height of 23 cm, it extends to 33 cm thanks to cords and stop-cords located on the sides. Then the upper part. The Evolu'bulle includes an "extension" intended to prolong enormously its duration of use. This extension is zip and measures 19 cm in height. With these two systems, the height of the apron of the Evolu'bulle varies from 23 small centimeters to 52 cm in height : unbelievable ! At Naturiou, it is confirmed that the Evolubulle of Néobulle is very well named! It is suitable for a newborn as well as a 3 year old toddler. It is also one of the few meï-t'ïs with which you carry from birth. Tested and approved in the workshop! neobulle evolu'bulle from birth YOU WEAR WITH THE EVOLU'BULLE NEOBULLE PADDED STRAPS AND BELT, INSPIRED BY THE PREFORMED Comfort is not left behind with Evolu'bulle. Neobulle thought of everything! Although the belt is to tie, it is inspired by baby carriers clip by its padding: very dense, it is firm and ensures good support and optimal weight distribution on the pool. So you can wear long without feeling uncomfortable support or shear. This belt is 7 cm wide. The straps are "mixed": padded and deployable. Unlike the Ling Ling range of Love or Fidella Fly-tai , the deployable part comes after padding and not simultaneously. The straps measure 7 cm wide and the padding on the shoulders allows instant installation. Even when walking 2 hours, the portage does not move, the straps are tight and my big is always coiled against my back. These straps are reminiscent of those of the mei-tai Babycarrier of Storchenwiege , with the notable difference that the sides do not remain straps but unfold afterwards. evolu'bulle neobulle THE PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS OF EVOLU'BULLE DE NÉOBULLE DEPLOYABLE SUSPENDERS SUCH AS SCARF Indeed, after padding about forty centimeters long, the straps expand to reach 23 cm wide. These deployable shoulder straps offer a great modularity in the knotting, an important comfort when your baby grows up (by deploying the sides under the base, you reinforce the seat) and multiple finishes. In daily use with a 2 year old and 14 kg, nothing to say, the support is flawless. In fact, deployable parts are essential when baby is growing! THE NEOBULLE KNOW-HOW All the know-how of the French brand Néobulle is concentrated in this baby carrier! Clever, intuitive, he is also ecologically committed: designed in 100% cotton , his broken twill fabric is woven in France and certified Oekotex 100 . A super nice fabric, immediately soft to the touch, like a blanket! The clamps on the apron form a seat where baby can sit down. The extension on the top of the backrest can be folded up and used as a neck strap. My daughter likes this extension, because it allows her to do what she wants: to take out the arms of the file when she wants to be "free", to be covered when she is sleepy, to have support on the neck when she sleeps. The very design of this baby carrier allows it to be used by carriers of very different size. At Naturiou, we like to know that a baby carrier will fit both parents! The Evolu'bulle comes with its storage bag. This matching fabric bag is worn over the shoulder. This gives you a compact and easy to carry baby carrier anywhere. storage bag for the Neobulle Evolu'bulle baby carrier SCARF FABRIC STORAGE BAG FOR YOUR NEOBULLE EVOLU'BULLE BABY CARRIER


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