Hoodie Carrier : The new Hoodie By JPMBB

Publié le : 02/26/2020 10:45:17

The Hoodiecarrier: a two-in-one Baby-carrier?

Take a look at the brand new hoodie carrier!

We were on alert all week long to look for some signs, and here they are.The two originals models of the HoodieCarrier by JPMBB: Flannel Grey and Athletic Grey.

Athletic Grey

Grey flanel hoodiecarrier

Flannel Grey 

Athletic Grey Hoodiecarrier

FOCUS on this amazing innovation!

Of course, the new release by the French brand is full of surprises and novelty

A soft and breathable 3D mesh fabric.

A soft and breathable 3D mesh fabric, that no other babycarrier supplier had ever used. This mesh already used in several athletic sportswear goods, like shoes or backpack, let the heat pass through but not the cold. The thermoregulator fabric is, says JPMBB, with cotton inside and oeko-tex 100 certified.

With this 3D mesh textile, you will no longer feel warm or cold!

mesh 3D fabric

The softness of a baby wrap

That was the weakness of the Physiocarrier. Its cut was perfect for babywearing support but with a certain stiffness. This could be compelling especially for small built mum's.

But, thanks to the hoodiecarrier, babywearing is now ergonomic with all the advantages of a wrap. What a smooth feeling!

What a bargain price! Quality assurance at low cost?

The Hoodie Carrier price is really a good deal regarding its quality. While on the contrary competitors are raising their prices,  JPMBB do just the opposite and bring it down and sell its Hoodicarrier at 115€ ( Pack booster sold separately).

This is  great news for all customers.

A lot of small details well thought throught

We still haven’t seen or touched the next hoodie carrier, but from its main features we can tell it will have a lot of useful options such as :

    A transparent ventilated head support where the hood can be clipped on

    Secured elastics on the waist belt

    You can adjust a booster pack so baby can be worn from 0 to 3 years

Take a look at the main features :

Hoodie carrier main features

A one-in-two baby carrier

    What we know for sure is that the JPMBB Hoodie will be an all in one baby carrier.

    A soft structured carrier, that’ for sure but which is also a jacket with a hood.

This buckle carrier is a bomb in the babywearing universe since no other babycarrier manufacturers have reached this goal.  

You can directly see the strength of the Hoodie Carrier

  • the simpleness and effectiveness of a full-buckle

  • You can protect baby while wearing it

  • Comfort and softness of a baby wrap.

Preview on the JPMBB new release

What is a HoodieCarrier?

A hood first but a carrier as well close to Boba's Hoodie. The main difference is that this one does not work on its own. You have to put on a baby carrier.

Boba's hoodie

As cozy as a baby wrap?

You have to take a look at the clues on facebook post. The hoodie is sure to be smooth says JPMBB.

Up to now, the t-shirt carrier you can find on the market is really as supple as a wrap.

Never the less, they are not made for babywearing over 7kg, says motdmaman.

Well-known Blogger motdmaman

We know for sure that JPMBB hoodie carrier will be more than a T-shirt and will allow babywearing up to 20kg.

That’s why we think the magnificent kangaroo cloth from Trois plumes could be the closest look to the hoodie carrier.

Trois plumes babycarrier

News from JPMBB on April 12

We just received a mail from JPMBB. We are almost close to the truth.

So, what is the hoodie carrier going to look like? 

Focus on this full-buckle main features

  1. Shoulder straps that can be worn straight or crossed
  2. Keeps your baby in an ergonomic position even while bounding on your knees,
  3. Elastic loops will enable you to fasten the head support,
  4. Can be used from birth with the booster pack sold separately,
  5. Adjust lateral straps of your Hoodie Carrier with only one hand,
  6. A hood you can clip-on as soon as the cold weather is back

Focus on grey flannel

To Sums it up

Right now we need more information to forecast this hoodie carrier's future.

We know for sure that JMPBB always makes things right and that they will offer us a real innovation.

JPMBB 's Hoodiecarrier


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