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mam insert cover review

(autotranslate from French)

With Nicolas, I use my Manduca baby carrier a lot. I am very sensitive to cold and I do not like being cold. Winter is coming quickly, temperatures are falling, and I really wanted to find the clothes that keep my baby and me warm. So I ordered the MAM cold weather insert model Point star proposed by Naturiou. After 1 month of use with Nicolas I give you my opinion on this insert MAM.


The Mam blanket is thick and quality fleece. To the touch it feels immediately!

It consists of two parts that can be separated: the blanket to put on the baby door with a collar for the baby + a collar for the wearer. I am very sensitive neck and throat, it is a real pleasure to have a fleece collar also for me! The baby as the wearer is warm, it's a real cocoon.

MAM products are designed to adapt to Scandinavian climates ... so we can assume that it will be enough for this winter. I used it for the moment with temperatures around 8 °. It is indicated that it can be used up to 0 ° !

I love the warm and soft side of the fleece but you should know that it is not waterproof unlike the Ergobaby Winter cover that I also. This did not prevent me from going out in time of any small fine rain with and the insert still protected us without making penetrate the rain. It goes without saying that you can not use it in heavy rain.

I feel like having a set for my baby and for me is getting closer. This creates a strong bond between us. Together in the same cocoon of sweetness!

I really like the patterns of the Point Star model. Blue and white agree with everything. This changes other blankets or polar cocoons, which are usually of a solid color. I wish there were other models with nice patterns, flowery and colorful!


After having installed your baby in the baby carrier or the baby sling, you must open the snaps of the baby collar and the mother collar (only the upper ones are enough).

Here are 4 steps how to install the insert mam:

cold weather insert for ergonomic baby carier

    1. I put the blanket on the baby's back. I slide his head into the collar (he does not necessarily like this moment ... hey-hey). I close the baby's collar by adjusting its size. There are two rows of snaps to tighten more or less the baby's neck..
    2. t's my turn to put on my collar and put my head in it and close it in the same way as the baby's. The back closure of the wearer's collar can also be adjusted. It is a hand to take to close the neck because there are two rows of snaps that can be confusing but we get there quickly. If I do not want to put my collar, just remove it by unbuttoning the snaps that connects to the baby to install winter baby carrier cover
    3. We close the cover by passing a thin elastic band behind his back that is buttoned on the other side. There are holes all along the belt so it adapts very well to all morphologies .how to install winter cover on ergonomic baby carrier
    4. We close the cover by passing a thin elastic band behind his back that is buttoned on the other side. There are holes all along the belt so it adapts very well to all morphologies .. installation of the insert cold cold mam The tie is used on the side of the insert if the blanket is to be tightened on the baby's legs.

We add over his coat orjacket  ... Forward for a nice ride! The insert is used in the ventral or dorsal position. But in the dorsal position one can not bind the wearer's collar with the rest of the cover


The brand MAM offers many ecological clothes of very good quality for mothers, babies and future mothers. Most fabrics are made of cotton or organic wool and are designed in Finland in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. .

MAM indicates that this fleece blanket was manufactured in the PRC in a modern, family-owned factory, respecting the principles of fair trade as well as ethical and ecological values. .

To complete and summarize my opinion I put you the positive and negative points that I retained :

Advantages OF THE MAM weather COLD INSERT:

      • Universal, it fits all baby carriers.
      • Easy to install even solo.
      • Nice motives.
      • Sensation of warmth and softness to the touch. Polar very thick and quality. Keeps the baby AND the mother (or the father of course !!) warm thanks to the two collar provided (in addition to a coat, a large polar or a cape for the wearer).
      • Adapts to the morphology of the baby and the wearer thanks to the multiple snaps on both collar and belt.
      • Cover well all the baby, his back, his legs, his arms.
      • Brings the wearer and his baby together creating a cocooning atmosphere.
      • Ecological and ethical.
      • It can be used as a blanket.

babywearing winter cover and kangaroocare necklace

Incovenients of the THE MAM UNIVERSAL INSERT:

      • I would have liked to have a ventral pocket (kangaroo type) to be able to slide my hands during the ride when I do not put a coat and more.
      • If both parts are used the baby does not really have access to his hands or the Fumbee Teething pads I use and he loves to snuggle. => I'm ready for the situation using a carrying collar and it's very effective! 
      • It is not waterproof in heavy rain.
      • No really cold weather I do not know if that's enough, to see this winter during walks in the forest in Lozere.

My opinion about the Mam col weather insert

I can say that I am very happy with the insert MAM cold weather that I find beautiful, warm and soft. It is quite easy to use and install. This is the porting accessory to have on the baby carrier. In addition to keeping warm if it serves as a blanket if I want to install my baby on it or cover it when it is in its cozy or pram. A purchase for a warm baby and for the chilly moms that I highly recommend for this winter !!

mam babywearing winter cover review

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