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Buzzidil porte-bébés

Buzzidil Versatile XL Anthony


Buzzidil is a brand of baby carriers austrian. Each carrier is hand made.

Your baby carrier Buzzidil Versatile Anthony XL , with pretty streaks of white and black.

  • 8 months up to 4 years.
  • 3 positions of portage
  • Ultra-adjustable


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Zoom in on your Buzzidil Versatile Anthony

  • ultra flexible
  • 2 levels of fixation straps : on the apron and at the intersection of the deck
  • 2 carrying systems : classic or extra with the HipSeat
  • shoulder straps can be crossed
  • many adjustment straps
  • adjustable hood
  • organic cotton.

Your Buzzidil Versatile ultra flexible

Your Buzzidil Versatile XL ShadesOfGrey is very flexible :

The hood

It is trapezoidal in shape and measures 40 cm in width. It is fixed to the hooks of the shoulder straps with small elastic bands. You can fold it completely under the nape of the neck : it is then used as a shim header.

The shoulder straps : two points of fixation

As its little brothers the Buzzidil Versatile Standard size and Babysize, the XL offers two levels of fastening straps :

  1. on the apron directly, for the larger
  2. on the waistband at the intersection with the deck, for babies.

This double attachment system allows you to choose what is more suitable to the tone, the musculature and the physiognomy of your child.

Moreover, in bearing with the shoulder straps fixed to the waistband of your toddler, you can even turn of the belt, the weight is distributed only on the shoulder straps.

You can cross the straps in order to change the weight distribution. (see video further down.

Many adjustment straps

The Buzzidil has many straps. The straps allow you to shorten or adjust the straps according to the morphology of the wearer.

The deck

The apron has 4 cords of adjustment. All these possibilities for a perfect adjustment and maximum comfort.

Creation of the HipSeat for carrying extra

The Buzzidil Versatile has the feature of fold back on itself to create a small booster seat. It is the speciality of the Versatile. You wear in portage classic as a preformed regular. And carrying extra, you have to fold up the carrier and install baby over while keeping one hand on his back to secure. It is a position of babywearing used when baby is only getting on and off the baby carrier.

A baby carrier ultra comfortable

Your Buzzidil Versatile ShadesOfGrey offers a port of very high quality. Its shoulder straps well padded provides you with a portage without back pain. It should be all carriers of the size 34 to 56 (XS to XXL). The belt helps distribute the weight of your baby.

Your XL Anthony is made for toddlers

Your Buzzidil XL is specially designed to carry larger children. The Buzzidil Versatile XL allows the porting of babies from 8 months up to 4 years (110 cm) thanks to its apron-adjustable.

The apron can be adjusted thanks to the straps and the stop-beads. They are set on its base and on the sides of the carrier. A cord of width adjustment is also located at the height of the neck.

The Buzzidil XL has many straps, buckles, and straps. It is ultra flexible.

Setting minimum

The sitting area can be reduced to 27 cm, and the height of the apron is 27 cm.

Setting maximum

the Buzzidil XL is a great baby carrier : it measures 48 cm seat width: 44 cm height. It is a real format Preschool.

The Buzzidil XL can be further expanded to the level of the base with fins padded on the inside of the apron that may unfold. It then reaches a seat width of 52 cm, a new record!

Video : How to cross the straps with your Buzzidil XL

Video : installing a baby and then toddler in your Buzzidil XL

  • Material - 100% organic cotton
  • Minimum age - 2 months
  • Made in - Austria
  • Label - Gots
  • Recommended baby age - 1 - 5 years
  • Kind of Baby Carriers - Full Buckle
  • Baby's weight - 7 to 20 kg approx.
  • Carrying positions - Front & Back
  • Shoulder straps measurement - 45 - 102 cm
  • Waistbelt measures - 68 - 122 cm
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Weight - 630 g
  • Conditions de lavage - 30°

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