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Learn all about the baby carrier's ergonomic Boba 4G

porte-bébé ergonimique boba 4G
See the baby carriers ergonomic Boba 4G

The new Boba keeps the advantages of a baby carrier Boba 3G with new features.
It features a cotton fabric of high quality, ideal for the activities inside as well as outside. The cotton does not get hot, so it is perfect for hiking.

Baby carrier ergonomic Boba 4G from birth to 4 years (3.5 kg to 20kg)

The new baby carrier Boba 4G is designed for all small and large.
Unlike other baby carriers ergonomic (Mandouca or ergobaby), the Boba 4G has no need of adding an extra pocket to carry the new-born, there is a removable cushion that follows the physiology of your child. This insert is specially designed for baby carriers Boba 4g is used in three steps.

Step 1: use the boba 4G from birth to 4 months


Position du nouveau né de 0 à 4 mois Boba 4GThe insert of the Boba 4g snaps on the belt of the baby carrier with the help of snap buttons. With two more buttons, the insert folds in half. The insert then forms a small ball on which you will be able to comfortably put baby in the fetal position. The legs are not too wide apart (see drawings of the baby on the cushion). This ergonomic position can be used in face-to-face.



Step 2: use the boba 4G from 4 months to approximately 10 months

Boba 4g ergonomique et bebe en position physiologique The cushion of the Boba is that both unfolded and, still clipped to the belt. Simply sit the baby on the cushion and then thread the shoulder straps. The baby's legs are spread apart, this position is ergonomically ideal to 4 months ( 3 months for some babies).

After that, you can remove the cushion of your Boba 4g depending on the size of your child. In fact , if it is large enough, even before his ten-month, you can take out its legs and remove the insert Boba.




Footrest for more comfort and safety for your baby.

Porte-bébé Boba 3G ergonomique montenegro

The footrests of the Boba 4g attached to the waistband allow you to wear the greatest comfortably in a sitting position healthy. Indeed, the stirrups on the Boba 4G to avoid tiring the little legs holding them in position "off". The support legs in a bent position enables to tilt naturally, the pelvis and align the spine.

How to use the shims-feet of the baby carrier Boba 4G

The baby carrier Boba 4G is slightly higher and wider than other baby carriers. This keeps the center of gravity closer to your body and maintain your child's back straight.

The many features of the baby carrier Boba 4G

The Boba 4G offers an impressive number of features without additional accessories. Just follow the instructions to know how to use it:

  • Hood "sleep" removable and adjustable to secure the head and protect your baby : see here the hood of the baby carrier detail
  • Zippered pocket for storing the hood
  • Additional adjustments for ease of breastfeeding
  • Footrests are adjustable and removable
  • Straps to the shoulders for hanging the bag in hand
  • Many storage pockets a zipper
  • Straps ultra-adjustable and high-quality military.
  • Compact, the Boba 4G fits " completely a belt
  • 100% cotton

The baby carrier Boba 4G is ultra-adjustable

Le boba 4g un porte-bébé ultra-rglable Thanks to its new design, the Boba 4G fits parents of all sizes without having to buy a belt extension or accessory. For example, the strap of the shot to maintain the right of the shoulder straps as a backpack and mounted on slide. This trick allows all types of wearer to use the baby carrier Boba.

All the straps of the Boba 4G are fully adjustable. Elastic bands are integrated so that you can store them easily.


The Boba 4G :all of the little details that change the life

 Le boba 4g un porte-bébé ultra-rglable

The baby carrier Boba 4g has many small details that facilitate the portage.

You find, for example ,3 pockets for small items such as wallets, cell phones, credit cards, tissues, or keys. The pocket of the belt is re-sealable. The one that is used to store the hood on the Boba too.


Sangle pour sac à main Boba 4GBoba also thinks of your comfort to carry a bag. In fact, the two fasteners to pressure, at the level of the straps on the shoulders, and allow you to maintain firmly in a hand bag or a shoulder bag. This tends to may be "gadget", but this sense of detail shown by Boba demonstrates the quality and finish of the brand. Use these straps and smart, you will be very useful when you carry baby.




capuche boba 4G carrierFinally, the hood of the Boba 4G is also fully adjustable. You can remove it, roll it or put it away in his pocket. The straps attach to the shoulders, and you adjust the tension with the snap buttons. And your baby falls asleep in your Boba with the head against you. When it is raining or if the sun comes out, this hoody Boba is essential.

The presentation of the baby carrier Boba video

The presentation of the baby carrier boba by Naturiou

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