Bags Cyclus tire and tube recycling

Cyclus : Recycle a tire or air chamber

Cyclus : désigners innovative British

Cyclus was created in 2002 in Bogotá by two designers : Jorgue and Ximena.
This aesthetic quality is to be found in their whole collection after tyre or inner tube recycled from their first parts.

The base of a bag cyclus : the tire and the inner tube recycled

The bags Cyclus is made from air chambers recycled.
They are imported into France from Colombia or the company is based Cyclus, in an approach that is fair.

The room air comes from truck tires to provide a width of material, easy to crafting them.

This area innovative offer multiple advantages : resistant, flexible and waterproof, it ensures great longevity to the bags.
The finish obtained is matte black with a leather look greased.

As each bag is created from one or more air chambers.
Their finishes, aspects, and trends are as unique as each of the models.

A touch of color, innovative

Reinforcements of canvas, straps of color from safety belts are used in bright colors : orange, red, blue, or green to highlight the matte black of the air chamber.

An eco-friendly bag made from recycled

Forms modern, very trendy, practical and with a quality of finish beyond reproach, the bags Cyclus are eco-friendly products 100%.

  • they are made from recycled products,
  • their construction ensures a sustainable use in time, as the air chambers and safety belts which they are derived.

A video on the state of mind Cyclus

To see our selection of bags Cyclus in the tire and the tube

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