The Manduca : the baby carrier ergonomic-friendly

The baby carrier Manduca has seen the light of day in Germany, thanks to the knowledge of many moms and counselors in portage for new born.

The position of your baby in the Manduca respects its physiology : all his weight is supported by hips, thighs and lower back.

Its innovative system of waist belt left the whole weight of your baby on your hips, the shoulder straps distribute the portage on your shoulders.

A closing three-point safety is incorporated to prevent accidental opening.

You can wear your baby from birth until its about 4 years old.

You can selectionnner your baby carrier Manduca among our available models.

The range Manduca : baby carriers, evolutionary and physiological

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The baby carrier Manduca accompany you up to 4 years of your new born

You can wear your new born as soon as its 3.5 kg very comfortably. In fact, thanks to an internal pocket special, the seat of portage is reduced and your child is perfectly maintained .
Your baby grows and reaches soon be 4 years of age, your baby carrier Manduca grows with him.

The Manduca allows you to portage optimal up to 20 kg.

The Manduca : a portage ergonomic and innovative

Its portage system is very widely inspired by the bags on the back of a mountain or mountaineering.
Thus, the entire weight and load of the portage is distributed on the hips with a belt lumbar wrap-around and adjustable. This belt system sophisticated allows you to perfectly adjust the Manduca to your size.

The shoulder straps specially designed for the long walks are wide and rembourées for more comfort.

Thanks to a system of clips and straps adjustable, they allow you to balance the porting of your baby better.

With the Manduca, you can also wear your baby in 3 positions : in front, on your belly, on your back or on the side.

The adjustable hood of the baby carrier Manduca

The baby carrier Manduca has an integral hood adjustable.
It allows us to face all the climatic situations, your child feels like in a cocoon.

The hood rolled up is used to support the-head, for the child awoke.

The position " M " of the baby carrier Manduca :

Position en M du porte-bébé Mandouca From birth, your baby has reflexes helping him to cling to his parent and takes place by instinct in the position most optimal for him. Of course when you lift your newborn, it will raise the legs, bend his knees to 90 degrees, and will grasp it using her hips and legs to your body.

This natural position in M is recognized as the most suitable by pediatricians and orthopaedic surgeons.

It is in this position that the femurs of the child are the most in contact with the hip joint, which helps to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.
It is this position that the child needs to develop in the baby carrier.

Finally, The baby carrier manduca is used to support the baby in its natural position a little as if it was supported by your arms.

The seat is wide of the Manduca allows you to support the thighs perfectly .

The feet can swing freely without danger

Your Manduca is made of natural fibers

Your baby carrier Manduca, is made from natural fiber bio rigorously selected, such as hemp or organic cotton.
These fibers are subjected to strict tests and regular to check out their natural qualities and lack of harmful substances.

Dimensions of the baby carrier Manduca

  • Dimensions of the Manduca folded : 36cm
  • Back height adjustable from 33 to 41 cm
  • Maximum Dimensions of the crotch strap : 140 cm.
  • Weight : 600g

Maintenance tips of your Manduca

Washing at 30°. do not use bleach or the dryer.

Composition of the Manduca

  • Inside : 100% organic cotton
  • Outer : 55% hemp/45% organic cotton
  • Fleece : Foam top quality
  • The baby carrier MANDUCA corresponds to the european standard EN 1309-2:2005

The presentation of the baby carrier Manduca by Naturiou

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