Layer washable Tots Bots Easyfit

The layer of machine-washable Tots Bots Easyfit

The layer of machine-washable Tots Bots Easyfit is a layer integral TE1, as simple as a disposable diaper, and approved by lots of moms

The layer of machine-washable approved by lots of moms

The layer Easyfit from Tots Bots is a layer TE1 full scalable.
It has everything to convince the skeptical of cloth diapers. The layer of machine-washable Easyfit is as simple to use as a disposable nappy : even dads and nannies are going to love !
You can adapt the size of your layer washable as soon as your baby is growing thanks to the snaps located on the front.
She is obviously very absorbent.
The lining or insert, which presents itself as a simple extension of the clean layer can be kept outside or slipped in the pocket.
You can also slip in the pocket with additional inserts, e.g. overnight, to increase its capacity absorbent

The layer of machine-washable Tots Bots Easyfit has many benefits

  • Just as easy to use as a layer in a classic,
  • You can use it the birth of your baby until its cleanliness, or from 4 to 16kg,
  • Velcro fastening large high-quality allows a better adjustment of this layer of machine-washable, these velcro fold to the inside of the diaper to wash them,
  • It is almost as thin as a layer in a classic, you can better adapt better to the baby clothes,
  • With elastic is very gentle around the legs and waist of your baby, and a border anti-leak to the inside, this layer of machine-washable Tots Bots has the advantage of not marking her skin so fragile,

The characteristics of the layer of machine-washable Tots Bots :

  • This layer is washable from 40°C up to 60°C,
  • After washing, the insert absorbent unfolds to a quick-drying,
  • Cloth diapers Tots Bots are real eco-friendly products because they do not release more than a tonne of waste per child and allow you to make real savings, 2 times less expensive in total than the disposable diapers,
  • Did you know that a disposable diaper put around 300 years to degrade in the soil.

The composition of the layer of machine-washable Tots Bots Easyfit

The interior of the layer washable cloth is minkee, which is a soft textured plush,quick-drying, absorbent.

The insert is half bamboo and half microfiber.
Bamboo is naturally anti-bactericidal, it is particularly absorbent and soft
The microfiber allows you to greatly increase the absorption of the layer of machine-washable Tots Bots, while providing a thin and soft.

The layer is delivered with a veil that keeps your baby dry
This veil is a rectangle of micro fleece, which has the particularity to drain urine and keep the baby's bottom in the sec In addition, the stools do not snag on the fleece, it is so very easy to clean.

The outside of the diaper Tots Bots is made from polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof, softness and finesse. Its texture has a touch very soft like a cotton fabric.

It is a layer of machine-washable-certified öko-Tex, free of any chemical that is bad for your little sprouts.


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