The water bottle aluminum Sigg

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Replace the plastic bottle by Sigg : an ecological gesture

According to the top scientific officer of the U. S. Natural Resource Defense Council, Dr. Allen Hershkowitz : " More than 90% of the environmental impact of a plastic bottle takes place before it is opened by a consumer ".
In fact, the oil is both used to produce the plastic, but also for transportation and, to a lesser extent, for recycling.
More than 60 billion tons of plastic waste are produced worldwide.
Damaging to the environment : the plastic is not biodegradable and their waste are contaminating the food chain. Some seas contain up to five times more plastic than plankton. Some experts believe that the plastic problem and its consequences is already more severe than that of global warming.

A solution : move the water into another container.
The glass is ecological because completely recyclable, but obviously fragile, at least to increase the rate of lead in its composition which would be bad for our daily use.
And why not aluminum, it is a metal that can be recycled completely.

Of the aluminum to the water bottle : SIGG

Your gourde SIGG is waterproof and extremely durable, it is made from a single piece of aluminum completely seamless.
Its inner lining, designed exclusively by SIGG, it does not come off of the wall and not tear – even if your water bottle comes falling down, or is very dented.
This coating is resistant to the acidity of the fruit, energy drinks and soft drinks. Water bottles Sigg are guaranteed BPA-free*, lead-free and phthalate-free
*BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical substance that enters into the composition of many products and is recognized as an endocrine disrupter.

The water bottle aluminum Sigg : A small become great

When we mention switzerland, two concepts are often associated with " quality and precision "
We think the field of watchmaking, watches, and cutlery of switzerland, who knew so well how to export to the world.
But another product that is completely switzerland is in the process to take place : the water bottle aluminum Sigg, reusable at will. The bottle of water reusable, the most sold in the world is the water bottle Sigg.

This success is based on these characteristics: craftsmanship and unprecedented quality, and exclusive design.
This water bottle Sigg is always manufactured for more than 100 years in Switzerland, which enables you to keep a exceptional know-how.
The elegance of his form allowed him to get in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. More than a hundred of design are created by SIGG each year, in order to always give you much choice.

The manufacture of the water bottle Sigg in the video

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