Baby carrier ergonomic Ergobaby

The baby carrier ergonomic Ergobaby

A baby carrier convenient and comfortable

For your baby to discover the world, there is no more suitable as a walk in the city or in the countryside.
Why use the stroller each time, it is pleasant for your baby and for you to be in close contact during these moments of walking.

The baby carrier Ergo baby is everything to do suitable

The innovative design of the baby carrier Ergobaby allows you to wear your baby in comfort for several hours. It gives you the freedom to remain active and productive in your daily life and keeps your baby safe all against you, leaving you hands free.

The 2 "Best-Sellers" Ergobaby: packs scalable black-beige-and-gray cosmic

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The baby carrier Ergo baby is respectful to your physiology

The system of carrying of the baby carrier Ergobaby is inspired of the best systems of portage, backpacks mountaineering but obviously tailored specifically for your baby.

The Ergobaby has a wide waist belt that helps distribute naturally the weight of your baby, or your child from the shoulders to the hips. This allows you to avoid any back pain

Your baby is carried in a natural way thanks to the baby carrier Ergobaby

When you wear your baby in your arms, it naturally takes a position that resembles a frog. This position is ergonomic for your baby. His legs are spread at 45 degrees, her thighs are raised at least to the horizontal and his back takes a position a rounded, this for the healthy development of her hips and her spine.
When you install your piece of cabbage in the baby carrier Ergo baby, he finds himself in the same natural position ergonomic. What a comfort for him, and for you

This is why the Baby carrier Ergobaby is especially recommended by pediatricians, midwives, and all the people in the medical community.

You wear your baby as you want

You can wear your baby in 3 positions : in front, in the back, but also on the hips.

Your baby is carried on the belly :

Babies naturally love the physical contact and visual with their mother. This contact is very important to help them in their development socially and intellectually.

You wear your baby in the back :

As soon as your baby can hold its head all alone, you can put your baby in the baby carrier Ergobaby in supine position. This porting back allows you to enjoy a great deal of freedom in daily life, while strengthen the relationship mother-child, father-child is so precious.
If you want to use the baby carrier Ergobaby for your newborn, you'll need the cushion insert to the support.

Your baby is carried on your hips :

When you wear your baby on your hips,this is the way most natural to carry a child, the hip providing the natural support ideal, which does not tire you, because your baby is focused on the area of your body is built naturally for it.
This is the ideal position for the portage of short duration of bigger children since your child has a wide field of vision as well as a body contact closely with the wearer. The portage on the hip is the way most natural to carry a child, the hip, offering a natural support broad, and it also allows you to adopt the frog position, with a gauge ideal legs.

Your baby carrier Ergo baby you steps during the growth of your baby

The baby carrier can be used for small children from 4 months up to 18 kg, which is 4/5 years old.
For newborns and up to 4 to 5 months,we add the baby pad (sold separately) to carry your baby in position semi-reclining or sitting.

Features of the baby carrier Ergobaby

The Ergo baby is equipped with an adjustable headrest to support the head of the child who falls asleep, or protect it from the sun.
It comes with its storage pouch and detailed instructions.

The baby carrier Ergo baby standard is composed exclusively of cotton
Version Ergo baby Organic, as its name indicates is composed of only cotton from organic farming
The version Sport baby carrier Ergo baby is exclusively made up of cotton for the inner part, in contact with your baby. The outer part of the baby carrier is a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester
The version Performance of your Ergo baby is totally cotton for the inner part, in contact with the baby. The outer part of the carrier is a mixture of polyester and elastane (fible coolmax from Dupont de Nemours), to make it much more lightweight and breathable for the summer season

The baby carrier Ergobaby is machine washable at 30°C with a gentle detergent. It is better to extend it up to dry.

The shoulder straps and tie-shoulder straps are adjustable and flexible.
This is a baby gate that is ideal for a person with a height of 1.50 m to 1.90 m
The ventral belt has a circumference of 60 to 115cm

The baby carrier Ergobaby video

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