Tips of the baby carrier Ergobaby video

The tips of the baby carrier Ergobaby video

Here are some videos showing different tricks that you can use with your baby carrier Ergobaby.

If you want to see the doors baby Ergobaby available


The portage to horse with your baby carrier Ergo baby

You can wear your child in an innovative way with the portage on horseback. Your child needs to take all alone on your back before being inserted into your Ergo baby

How to feed your baby in your baby carrier Ergo baby

You can use the headrest to protect your privacy and that of your new born.
You can see how to breastfeed your baby in your Ergobaby.

Use your cushion for new born with your Ergobaby

Your baby under the age of 4 months must be wrapped in the special bag for you to carry it in your Ergobaby. He found a foetal position natural.

The head support for your baby in your Ergo baby

It serves you to keep the head of your baby or protecting it like a cocoon. It is well sheltered from the sun, or when he wants to sleep.

The same head support in the Sport version of the baby carrier Ergobaby

Protect the straps of your baby carrier Ergobaby

Your baby has a tendency to machouiller everything it finds. You can use the protect straps so that it can make the teeth without damaging the door baby.


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