I wear my Baby Jpmbb Scarf of portage

The scarf I'm wearing my Baby (JPMBB):

Thanks to its weaving patented, the wrap JPMBB is flexible, and it allows your baby's skin to breathe.

Acclaimed by the new parents who are members of the portage on the whole blogs and forums, this scarf is a model of its kind.

The wrap Jpmbb is a scarf in stretch that does not deform, and that is very elastic.

It emmitoufle your infant like a cocoon, "the kiss" and keeps his body perfectly against you.

The I wear My Baby is available in many ranges of color like on this video :

Your wrap Jpmbb in detail

This écharge is guaranteed for 2 years, except on the seams of the front pocket.
-Maintains in the machine at 30°C.

You can also wash it by hand. It needs to dry naturally in the open air.

This wrap is made of a fabric composed of cotton with 5% elastane. The cotton that is not stretchy, it becomes elastic.
This composition makes it possible to avoid any deformation and twisting of the fabric in extended use, or with a child heavy. Its special weave allows it to be flexible on the structure of the whole scarf.

His secret : to mix in the broken twill and stretch.

The dyes and treatments used are free of heavy metals, of course, and environmentally friendly.

A spacious pocket located on the front of your scarf portage Jpmbb allows you to have on hand a few menus objects.

This scarf is suitable for your toddler until he cavorts, or it reaches a weight of 14kg approx.

It measures 5 meters in length and 70 cm width.
The scarf I'm wearing my Baby is not a simple rectangle. It is narrower at the ends to allow you to make a knot less bulky.
It is about 30 cm wide at the ends.
You can cut the wrap if you find it too long. It does not fray.
A tip : wait a few weeks before making the decision...

It adheres well on the standard Okotex 100.

Öko-Tex is the first label aimed at guaranteeing the qualities of human-ecological textiles : free of toxic products for the body and for the environment. (Source wikipedia)

Use your scarf I'm wearing my Baby

It is perfectly suited to your new born because it meets fully its morphology, and the your course. Even for a dad who weighs 110 kg.

You wear your child as you want :

  • against your belly. This position is said to be belly to belly classic : the baby after 3/4 months is sitting up against you
  • in the face of the world. Here the baby turns his head towards the outside
  • in the supine position or in the cradle. This position is said to be ventral way hammock : if you use a classical variant of the node base. Interesting in the beginning to help meet the foetal position of the baby and not force away natural of his legs (like on the doors, baby Boba, Manduca and Ergobaby).
  • so backbone. A variant back to both exists : the node and installs a baby with the help of another adult.
  • you can breastfeed your little sprouts in the wrap discreetly,
  • on the side, with a port on the hip. As early as 4 months, the child wakes up and wants to see the world while being protected. A straddle on the side, your new born sees the world in safety. He grabbed hold of and actively participates in its portage, and can snuggle up against you when he has seen enough and wants to rest.

You can install to advance your scarf I'm wearing My Baby. This is very convenient because you can go out or put baby without ever untie your scarf. Essential to the balances or trips requiring many stops!

For this you just need to make the node base is located in the front in front of you as on this video :

The benefits of your wrap Jpmbb

For your baby,

it can:

  • easily continue the relationship touch it with its parent as in utero. He is content to physically. It feels so phychologiquement accompanied, which develops a greater sense of security,
  • be in direct contact with your skin, for his pleasure and your,
  • be nursed at the shelter of the glances,
  • to sleep as soon as he or she pleases.

For you :

  • wear your toddler throughout the day without exhausting yourself,
  • having the arms free to move and go about your normal activities while wearing your child.

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