The baby carrier Boba 4G is getting a makeover


New at Boba for October 2014

It's official, the baby carrier Boba 4g is going to dress 4 new designs for the beginning of October 2014. The change affects only the drawing of the deck. The cup, the shoulder straps as well as the features of the baby carrier Boba remain the same.Exemple de nouveau design porte bébé boba 4G

Boba reviews so the design of its decks. For info, the deck is the large part of fabric that supports the baby's back. On the new Boba, the patterns take a more important place, and the label "Boba" will be more discreet.

As you can see the large band is united of the old Boba disappears to leave a pattern on the entire surface of the back.

All models Boba will benefit from this makeover at the beginning of October. In the aftermath, Boba announces the arrival of 5 new models and the disappearance of 4 other (Glacier, Montenegro, Pine, and Safari).

Five new baby carriers Boba 4G: Moab, #Wearallathebabies, Wildflower, Verde, Slate


Boba 4g Moab

 nouveau porte bébé boba 4G moab

Boba goes out for the first time in its history, with a baby carrier Red.

He will thus enter into direct competition with the Manduca Wheel, or the Ergobaby Sport. Its sleek style and its slightly red pastel will definitely make this Boba a future best seller!

This Boba Moab reminds us of the future wrap Boba Wrap SANGRIA. The Boba wrap sangria is yet more vivid than the Moab but the reds can afford.







Boba 4G #Wearallthebabies

porte bebe boba 4G #wearallthebabiesWith this model, the design Boba is still innovating and is turning to the new technology. Indeed, The inscription "#wearallthebabies" sounds like a tweet and appears great on the deck. Moreover, it was created by a Dad blogger in the USA.

To our knowledge, this is the only baby carrier on the market with a large inscription.

The Boba #wearallthebabies also think of the inscriptions that some of the baby clothes proudly and ironically.

#wearallathebabies simply means "wear all the babies".





Boba 4G wildflower

nouveau boba 4G wild flowerYet another reason that you will certainly not be indifferent. With these pretty flowers, the new Boba 4 g Wildflower brings a touch of gaiety in the world of baby carriers.

Its white background makes this Era the most of the range. In perfect harmony with the strapless grey taken at Dusk, the Boba 4g wildflower is a favorite of the team Naturiou...

Of course, the scarf Boba wrap Wildflower reproduces exactly the same patterns.








Boba 4g Verde organic cotton

Nouveau porte-bébé Boba 4G verde


The baby sling Verde is the only representative of the brand Boba organic cotton. Replacing the Pine, he keeps the green colors of the latter. The patterns change: the circles become diamonds, which gives a "Jersey" very class in the Boba Verde.








Boba 4G Slate

nouveau porte bébé physiologique boba 4G SlateThe Boba 4G Slate is not quite black but rather charcoal gray. The name Slate means slate in English. The Boba 4g Slate is intended to be the successor to the Boba Montenegro. One of the best sales of the brand is redesigned to bring a modern touch. The color becomes more sober and especially for Boba, the anthracite-grey helps to prevent the effect of "white track" that can be found on the black fabrics.







Disappearance of the Boba air blue and the Boba wrap Olive.

Finally a little word on the Boba air blue who also goes to leave the range Boba carrier. This baby carrier extra Boba will be available in three colors Black, white and grey.

The Bobawrap Olive also leaves space to new models of scarves that we will talk about later. Sangria, Wildflower and Yellow are to come.nouvelles echarpes de portage Boba wrap

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