The PhysioCarrier JPMBB video

The PhysioCarrier JPMBB video

Naturiou you explains the operation of the PhysiCarrier JPMBB through three short videos.

The installation of the new-born in the PhysioCarrier

Frederique, our expert in baby carrier has tested for you the PhysioCarrier. It teaches you how to install your infant in physiological position and also how to set up the best baby carriers. In addition, it presents you with the accessories, preformed: the booster and the shim header.

Installation of wedge-head on the door-baby JPMBB

To support the head of your infant, JePorteMonBéBé offers a shim header soft and padded. Frédérique, shows you how to install the shim header of the Physiocarrer in his thread.

Wear on the back of your baby with the PhysioCarrier

We present to you the features and innovation of JPMBB for the portage ridge. In this video, our instructor portage, Frédérique you stated the benefits of the booster JPMBB. The difference of the other baby carrier, the booster seat can be worn on the back, and not only on the belly. Check out the video of the booster below.

In addition to this innovation, JePorteMonBéBé had an idea of accessory is very practical and substantial. It is the mirror! It allows you to monitor your child.


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