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Methods of use of your baby carrier BOBA 4G in video

The videos below are in English.

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How to best adjust the hood to your front door-baby BOBA 4G

A Guide to using the BOBA 4G for new-born

Install the baby carrier 4G in the prone position

The 3 storage pockets on the baby carrier BOBA 4G

How to use your baby carrier Boba 3G/4G video

The videos are in English

If you want to see the doors baby Boba 4G available

Install a new-born baby in the baby carrier Boba 3g

Install your child in front of the baby carrier Boba 3G

If you want to wear your baby in front of you :

Bear his child in the back with the baby carrier Boba 4G

Another alternative for carrying your newborn in the back :

Breastfeeding in the baby carrier Boba

How to use the hood of the baby carrier Boba 3G

The time comes to change, in two minutes, your child is protected

How to use the footrest of the baby carrier Boba 4G

Choose between the Boba 4g carrier and the Manduca: our opinion



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