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JPMBB Bundle Physiocarrier Cotton Elephant, pocket Elephant




Baby carrier Physiocarrier and accessories in a box

The famous brand Jeportemonbébé together in a cabinet, its door-baby Physiocarrier and accessories to wear at the birth : the booster and the shim header.

A pack "all-inclusive" to carry from birth.

Your Bundle Pack Physiocarrier includes :

  • 1 baby carrier Physiocarrier Elephant pocket Elephant
  • 1 booster
  • 1 the shim header.

3 positions port : ventral, dorsal, side.

Model : JPMBB Bundle Pack Physiocarrier Gray Elephant pocket Elephant.


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Zoom in to your Pack Bundle Physiocarrier of JPMBB

The French brand JePorteMonBébé together in a cabinet the baby carrier Physiocarrier. The Bundle Pack includes :

  • the carrier Physiocarrier Elephant pocket Elephant
  • the booster
  • the shim header.

These accessories (booster and wedge-head) previously sold separately, are now together in one box for convenience. And in addition, it is less expensive!

You need accessories to wear from birth. In fact, your baby carrier can be worn for your infant thanks to the booster (from 3.2 kg). It is a small flange that can be placed under her buttocks. It allows a physiological position. Your baby is placed in "position of the frog" (the"spread-squat" in English) :

  1. his legs are folded
  2. his knees are higher than the buttocks
  3. his back is rounded
  4. his pelvis is slightly anteverted.

assise physiologique physiocarrier jpmbb

The back is well rounded in C in the carrier Physiocarrier

TheInternational Institute of Dysplasia of the Hip valid this position for the baby carriers ergonomic.

institut international dysplasie de la hanche

Accessories for your Physiocarrier

The booster

It allows you to wear it from birth. It is placed inside the baby carrier, the level of the seat. You can remove it to 4-5 months.

You can keep it for a baby curious who wish to see everything that is happening in the distance.

booster pack bundle physiocarrier jpmbb

The wedge-head

The wedge-head snaps on the shoulder straps of the baby carrier. It allows you to snap the small head of your infant.

cale-tête pack bundle physiocarrier jpmbb

The Physiocarrier : a baby carrier breathable

The carrier physiological Physiocarrier has a tissue micro-ventilated : very handy in case of heat. The deck of the PC is raised with closures to zip and attach, leaving a mesh fabric which is very resistant. It is very nice during the summer. The carrier and the carried are not held hot.

Your Physiocarrier Grey Elephant ultra adjustable

The preformed of JePorteMonBébé is a baby carrier very adjustable. You will find many straps to adjust perfectly the Physiocarrier.

The shoulder straps

They are equipped with adjustable straps to adjust according to the morphology of the wearer.

The chest strap

It helps keep the shoulder straps in between. It is adjustable. Thanks to the chest strap, the shoulder straps do not slip. They hold well in place. A small thrust elastic on the chest strap allows free movement to the wearer.

The belt

It has clips that are quick and easy to use. It provides excellent lumbar support. It does not slip.

Your Physiocarrier of JPMBB ultra comfortable

The PC JePorteMonBébé is particularly well-padded on several levels.

The belt features a padded important to ensure that a port is ultra comfortable to the wearer.

The shoulder straps are also well padded. They are thick, and offers a comfort absolute.

The brand JePorteMonBébé

JPMBB has received an award for his Physiocarrier at the salon Baby Cool in 2016 in the category of accessory on the go.

prix slon baby coll physiocarrier jpmbb


  • Minimum age - birth
  • Recommended baby age - 0 - 48 months (with insert)
  • Carrying positions - Front & Back
  • Kind of Baby Carriers - Full Buckle
  • Baby's weight - 3.5 to 20 kg approx.
  • Made in - Turkey
  • Shoulder straps measurement - 46 - 141 cm
  • Waistbelt measures - 63 - 131 cm
  • Main advantage - perfect for all morphologies
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Height - 42 cm
  • Width - 43 cm
  • Mesh panel - Double tablier mesh et isolant

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Joelle C. - 12/08/2023

Le produit n'est pas pour moi,je ne peux pas le noter

Alexandre S. - 05/05/2023



Bonjour, ces porte-bébés sont-ils adaptés pour porter bébé dans le dos? Merci


Oui, il est tout à fait possible de porter dans le dos avec le Physiocarrier et le Hoodiecarrier. 

Bonne journée.

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