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  • Boba baby carrier

    Boba The creators of the American brand Boba are world travellers.

    They wanted to carry on having adventures with their two children.Travels across Europe gave birth to their first wrap and very soon they came up with the idea to travel and work at the same time, selling the fruits of their experience. Today Boba offers the Boba Wrap, the baby carriers Boba 4G and Boba Air.

    Their original colours and motifs set them apart from other baby carriers. Accessories for the baby carriers complete the range. Boba creates physiological baby carriers of quality. They are aimed at parents who want to maintain a strong bond with their children while keeping active.

  • Buzzidil

    Buzzidil ​​baby carriers are designed in Austria by a mother who is both a babywearer and a dressmaker. They have revolutionised the world of ergonomic baby carrying. The Buzzidil is a Soft Structured carrier with clips, straps and buckles that are clipped to attach the shoulder straps and belt. No other baby carrier adapts so effectively to the shape and size of your baby. It is available in 4 formats that follow the size of the child as they grow: Babysize, Standard, XL and Preschooler.

    Buzzidil represents a combination of unique expertise and very high quality materials. Each button, strap and fabric is chosen with great care. The production is perfectly finished and it is immediately obvious that the Buzzidil seamstresses stitch each baby carrier with love!

    Made in Girasol, a cross twill fabric designed specifically for slings, the carrier is equipped with several stop-cords making it is easy to adapt the fit as your baby develops. For those who prefer a hip-carry, Buzzidil has created the Versatile, a baby carrier specially designed for this type of babywearing. Finally, the range is completed by the Buzzidil ​​Sling, a wrap with a metal ring, and the Wrapidil, a Meï-Taï hybrid carrier designed for use from birth onwards. Buzzidil also offers a wide choice of patterns and very unusual colours.

  • Emeibaby
  • Ergobaby

    The Ergobaby brand was created in 2003 by Karin Frost, a fashion designer in Hawaii. Her idea for an ergonomic baby carrier came from her own needs as a mum.

    This design protects both the child's spine and the back and shoulders of the babywearer. After discussing the subject with other parents, who all shared the same needs, she went on to create her first model, the Original. Entirely made in cotton, it already included a well-padded waistband and straps, as well as a headrest. Despite initially only being sold on the internet, it was an immediate success. Today it is available throughout the world and, of course, from Naturioù. Growing interest in certified organic fabrics then encouraged the brand to develop the Organic.

    Ergobaby places particular importance on the environment-friendly quality of the materials it uses. It also pays great attention to the social responsibility of its manufacturers. The range has now been extended with the Ergobaby Adapt, the Ergobaby 360, the Ergobaby Cool Air and the Omni 360, plus the Ergobaby wraps.

    Accessories such as nursing cushions, weather covers, swaddlers, etc, complete the Ergobaby offer. Since its creation, Ergobaby has continued to maintain one of the highest reputations amongst baby carrier manufacturers.

  • Fidella

    Fidella is a German brand born in 2013. Its name comes from a contraction of the French word “fidèle”, meaning loyal, and the name of the daughter of the brand’s creators. The story of the brand began with designing an Onbuhimo, a traditional baby carrier that is pre-shaped and without a waist band. It then specialised in the Meï-Taï, a Chinese-inspired baby carrier. As the brand’s experience grew it extended its range by creating the pre-shaped Fusion baby carrier available in two sizes, Toddler and Babysize (can be used from birth). One of the brand’s strong points is the attractively patterned and particularly soft jacquard fabrics specially selected for you by Naturioù.

  • Infantino
  • Kinderkraft
  • Kinder Hop
  • Lennylamb
  • Lims
  • LLA - Ling Ling d'Amour

    The Ling Ling d'Amour brand was created by two French textile engineers not long after they became new parents... Their aim was to encourage babywearing to become much more widespread by making it available to as many people as possible and offering quality products at acceptable prices. The have always taken the greatest care both in the creation and finishing of their different models.

    The fabrics used are all officially certified organic cotton, free from pesticides and with no heavy metals, making them healthier both for your skin and that of your children.

    The LLA range of baby carriers is built around three fabric collections, all in GOTS certified organic cotton: Daïcaling, Sol and Aïon. 

    Several different models of LLA baby carriers are available:

    1. The wrap, in 3 sizes (3.70 m, 4.50 m, 5.20 m).
    2. The Ring Sling wrap (birth to 3 years approx).
    3. The fullbuckle P4 available in 3 sizes: Preschool, Standard and Babysize.
  • Porte-bébé Love and...
  • JPMBB - Je Porte Mon Bébé

    JPMBB (Je Porte Mon Bébé in French, meaning both I carry my baby and I wear my baby) is an independent French company based in Provence and created in 2007. Since its creation it has specialised in physiological baby carriers.

    Its entire range has been recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as being healthy products that respect the baby’s hips. The parent-child bond is at the heart of JPMBB’s philosophy. Carrying or wearing your baby, along with everything else you do as a parent, helps develop this close relationship.

    It helps parents listen and understand themselves and their baby, and contributes to building their confidence. The JPMBB range is made up of wraps (Originale, Basic and no-tie) and the pre-shaped PhysioCarrier.

    The latter is available in the elephant/azur green colour, exclusively from Naturioù.

  • Lucky

    Luckyis a Japanese brand of physiological baby carriers founded in 1934. It is the oldest Japanese manufacturer. Babywearing is a traditional practice that is very common in Japan. The aim of the brand’s creator, Takeo Higuchi, was to make the lives of mothers, who often had large families, a little bit easier during the difficult times of the period.

    Lifestyles changed dramatically after the war but the brand was able to adapt and continued to produce baby carriers that met the needs of parents. Two models are offered by Naturioù, the Sukkiri and the Wacotto. These are lightweight and relatively inexpensive wraps. You can also find the famous weather covers in black and grey with a star motif. 

  • Manduca

    Manduca is a subsidiary of Kadolis, a specialist in childcare products as ergonomics baby carriers. The brand aims to provide parents with natural and modern products. It requires its partners to ensure respectful working conditions, which are periodically verified, and participates in a number of fair trade projects. Wherever possible, it favours products made in France or in Europe.   

  • Néobulle

    Néobulle is a French brand base in the department of the Loire. Founded in 2005 by a nurse who was a breast-feeding consultant and a psychomotricity specialist, the brand offers baby carriers and natural care products.

    Based on their own experience working with new parents, Néobulle is well placed to offer practical answers to their needs and offer a complete and varied range.

    The baby carrier range is composed of:

    1. The Evolu’bulle, a baby carrier that combines the simplicity of a Full Buckle model with the comfort of the meï-taï.
    2. Wraps with a ring: Bulline and Néo Sling.

    Mothering, authenticity and responsibility are values that Néobulle holds dear. The brand manufactures with a strict respect for social and environmental values in partnership with local companies. 100% organic, 100% local and 100% ethical: exactly the sort of brand we love!


  • Rose and Rebellion

    The English brand Rose and Rebellion, that arrived at Naturioù in 2016, is a specialist in Preschool baby carriers.

    These are Full buckle and can carry a child up to the age of 6 or even 7 years. The brand also offers standard sizes, Baby carriers (from birth to 4 years) and In Between (from 1 to 4 years).

    Rose and Rebellion is above all a "punk" style, a term it openly assumes, characterised by its intricately worked motifs, remarkable designs that certainly stand out from the crowd. Definitely a very British brand!

  • Storchenwiege

    Storchenwiege is a German family business based in Dresden in Saxony, created by a textile engineer, Günter Schwartzer. When his granddaughter was born in 1996, he began to think about a means of transport that was more convenient than a pram and better adapted to the parents' needs.

    Finding nothing available on the market at the time, and based on the advice he received from midwives, he designed an original fabric that could be used as a wrap for babywearing. This diagonal weave fabric is 100% environmentally-friendly cotton, free from any dangerous substances and offering excellent diagonal elasticity. The first Storchenwiege sling was met with enthusiasm and rapidly became a success. Since then Storchenwiege has expanded its range and offers a sling and a meï-taï type baby carrier, also available from Naturioù.

  • Tula

    Tula is a brand born of an encounter between two great travellers. Having become parents they tried different baby carriers without being completely satisfied. They then put their observations of the different methods of carrying babies traditionally used around the world to work and designed their own baby carrier. This initiative was met with interest not only by friends and family but also other people they met when travelling... Tula baby carriers are 100% cotton certifed Oeko-Tex and made in Poland and Mexico. The Tula range includes the Sling, baby carriers (standard and toddler) and the Free to Grow, a Full Buckle carrier that adapts as your baby grows. 

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