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Tots Bots

Totsbots Peenut TE2 layer washable White


You want to make savings ? The impact of the layers of the babies on the environment concern you ? Opt for the cloth diapers Totsbots. The TE2 Peenut of Totsbots consists of 2 parts :

  • the panties waterproof PUL
  • the insert absorbent bamboo (2 parts detachable).

Its advantages :

  1. layer, very absorbent
  2. convenient and simple to use.
  3. soft and supple

Model : Totsbots TE2 Peenut white

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Peenut TE2 Tostbots purple : easy to use and effective

The layer of machine-washable TE2 Peenut is made up of 2 parts : an insert absorbent bamboo and panties of protection in PUL which is waterproof.

peenut totsbots TE2

The insert Peenut 2-in-1 bamboo is provided with the layer. It is composed of 2 parts :

  • an insert lightweight (size 27 cm x 14 cm)
  • an insert medium (size 32 cm x 14 cm).

The 2 inserts can be used separately or together to modulate the absorption of the layer.

With a new-born

The insert light is used for the update and the insert medium for the night.

With a larger baby

The 2 inserts are pressionnés together to increase the absorption capacity of the layer

Insert tosbots pour la Peanut

Inserts absorbent bamboo TE2 Peenut

Use of the layer of machine-washable TE2 Peenut

The layer of machine-washable TE2 Peenut Rumble is an layer easy and simple to use.

At each change of the baby, you replace the insert absorbent Peenut by a insert clean.

The panty is thus reused for 2-3 changes if it is not contaminated.

Layer washable TE2 Peenut Sugar Plum : absorbent and reliable

The layer of machine-washable TE2 Peenut Rumble is made of bamboo. It is very absorbent.

You can modulate the absorption of your TE2 depending on how baby is wetting his diapers.

The Peenut TE2 : from birth to the cleanliness

Your layer Peenut Rumble is available in 2 sizes :

  1. size 1 : 2.5 to 8 kg
  2. size 2 : 4.5 to 16 kg.

The Peenut is scalable. It is rule through rows on the front. The height of the layer is modified. The layer can as well suit a newborn to a toddler.

Maintenance and cleaning

  • Machine wash at 40 degrees
  • The velcro is folded back on themselves in order not to damage the machine in your machine
  • A detergent layer machine is recommended for maintenance of your layers. It prevents the clogging of your layers.

About Totsbots

Mother & Baby has been awarded the prize for the best layer washable 2017 to the TE2 Peenut Totsbots.

                                        prix meilleure couche lavable peenut totsbots

Video presentation of the Peenut

Video explanation of how to use the layer washable Peenut


  • Minimum age - birth
  • Label - Oekotex 100
  • Baby's weight - 4 à 16 kg
  • Made in - Scotland
  • Main advantage - Couche à scratchs évolutive
  • Material - Bambou et PUL
  • Size - One size
  • Conditions de lavage - 40°
  • Routine de lavage couches lavables - Pas de vinaigre blanc ni bicarbonate de sodium

Avis des clients (1 Avis)

Anonymous A. - 01/01/2021

Fine, belles finitions, efficace.


Bonjour, Pourriez-vous me confirmer que l'insert en bambou en deux parties est inclus avec cette couche ? Bonne journée Alexandre


Je vous confirme que la couche lavable Totsbots TE2 Peenut Blanc comprend bien l'insert en bambou en 2 parties détachables. 

Bonne journée à vous.

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