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Goki jeux en bois

Mini-Kubb, chess-playing viking wood


Mini-Kubb, the pocket version of the famous game viking

This mini version of the game Kubb, you can play inside your favorite game !

Install your Kubb on a living room table, or on the tiles of tiles to delimit the field...

The game contains 21 pieces of solid wood (Beech), a cotton bag for the transport

King size : 2.3 x 2.3 x 12 cm.

Total weight : 0.4 kg.


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Your chess game viking wood

Kubb, also known as the chess Viking, is a game where to win you have to bring down the king first.

But be careful! He must first overthrow all the soldiers of the opponent...

Kubb means "wooden block" in the dialect of Gotland (Sweden). This bowling game is very practiced in the nordic countries. On your turn, you will become a fast fan!

Composition of the Mini game-Kubb

  • Ten newly thrown kubbs, rectangular parallelepiped of wood, still called soldiers or blocks

  • A king, one greater than the newly thrown kubbs with one end chisel-the symbol of a crown

  • Six sticks, cylinders of wood that you throw on the kubb

  • Four stakes to mark the corners of the field.


The rules of the game Mini-Kubb :

You will find a detailed version on Wikipedia by following this link :

rules of the game Kubb in detail


The plot of the game mini-Kubb :

In the version " classic ", the field is a rectangle of 5m by 8m. But for the Mini-Kubb, use a rectangular piece such as a table, tiles on tiles or a path on the beach..

 Terrain du jeu en bois Kubb (Naturioù))


The principle of the mini game-Kubb

It is the same as the Kubb classic.

Two teams of 1 to 6 players compete against each other.

Each team starts turn 6 fight to try to knock down the Kubb wooden (or soldiers) of the opposing team. The first team that puts down all the Kubb on the camp opponent may then bring down the king and wins the game.


Subtlety Kubb :

If the team Has taken down the Kubb team B without being able to unseat the king, team B takes the Kubb who have fallen down and throws them into the opposite camp. As well, the team identifies the Kubb thrown by the equipped B. the Kubb becomes soldiers field.

Team B will therefore reverse the newly thrown kubbs already present in the opposing camp, most of the soldiers of the fields. You imagine that team B will in most cases to throw the Kubb closest to make them fall off more easily.

Advanced rule Kubb :

In turn, The team will start its fight from soldier field-still standing (the one that is the closest to the king). It is through this rule that Kubb is a game of strategy. In effect, what is the value of the B-team ? Throw the Kubb as close as possible to overturn more easily ? Or, the more far away the team Was to approach ?

It's up to you!


  • Minimum age - 5 ans

Avis des clients (1 Avis)

Anonymous A. - 12/02/2021

Bon produit - un peu plus petit que je pensais, mais pratique et voyage facilement.


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