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Love and Green

Love and Green, Pure Nature, Size 1, hypoallergenic diapers x 32




The range of disposable diapers Pure Nature of Love and Green revolutionizes the field. They ban chlorine bleaching and reject allergenic additives. They are based on natural products. Even the packaging is made of paper !

  • Without irritating additives

  • Absorbent microbeads made of natural material

  • Special cutout for the cord

  • 50% of the weight of natural origin

  • Recyclable packaging

Size 1 : from 2 to 5 kg.

Capacity : package of 32 layers.


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Even greener layers

Love and Green innovates to give even more ecological value to its disposable diapers.
Layer Pure Nature are made from non-chlorine bleached cellulose. Chlorine is intended to remove lignin to make cellulose more absorbent. It is unfortunately toxic.
This lack of treatment gives these layers their slightly beige color. A natural color that does not detract from their effectiveness.

Alternative solutions are used to give full satisfaction to the users of these baby diapers. Absorbent microbeads of plant origin are one of them. They give the absorbent cushion an undeniable comfort. Perfectly hydrophilic, it ensures the retention of liquids until the next change.

Hypoallergenic diapers

Materials of disposable diapers Pure Nature are chosen carefully to avoid irritation.
The veil in contact with the skin is based on plant polymers such as corn starch, sugar cane, beet or potato.

A little more at the waist, a cutout is provided to let the navel breathe.

The Pure Nature layer in details

  1. Ultra-absorbent layer :
    Magical tubes technology, 3 channels for optimal absorption
  2. Anti-leakage and wrinkle barrier :
    Green PE (in contact with skin) + nonwoven polupropylene + elastane
  3. Sail in contact with the skin :
    PLA & Green PE (corn starch, sugar cane, beet or potato)
  4. Acquisition sail :
    Polyethylene terephthalate and nonwoven polypropylene fibres
  5. Multiflex fastening system :
    Scratches attach everywhere on the diaper ! More convenient !
  6. Elastic ears :
    Breathable and anti-compression for baby comfort
  7. Absorbent cushion / mattress :
    FSC certified unbleached cellulose + absorbent microbeads of natural origin !
  8. Print :
    Solvent-free ink
  9. Outer sail :
    polyethylene film and polypropylene nonwoven

La couche pure Nature en détail

A certified and responsible brand

As with its other products, Love and Green is committed to the planet. To complete its commitments, the layers of the Pure Nature range are delivered in biodegradable and recyclable paper packaging.


  • Baby's weight - 2 à 5 kg
  • Made in - Europe
  • Material - Pure Nature
  • Size - Taille 1 : 0-9 mois

Avis des clients (2 Avis)

JOSE G. - 11/03/2022

Achat de couches taille 1 non blanchies très douces et une véritable barrière anti-fuite même bien pleine. Les fesses de mon bébé ne subissent aucune rougeur. Je recommande cette marque " Love and Green "

JOSE G. - 21/02/2022

Couches de très bonnes qualité, super absorbantes et non irritantes pour les fesses de bébé.


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