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Tots Bots

Mesh for reusable diapers, Totsbots


Net Totsbots

The latest generation of nets Totsbots. It is designed not to lose the layers during washing. The strap of the older generation has been removed because it had a tendency to get caught in the drum of the machine.

This net totsbots is ideal to put the layers directly in the machine. The layers do not leave this bag special machine during the wash.

It also installs on a trash can for cloth diapers totsbots

Capacity: 6 to 10 cloth diapers

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A layer of fun and colorful


The reasons for the Totsbots Easyfit Star Kaleidoscope are sublime. It is a layer of washable, fine and comfortable. Bamboo, it is very absorbent. It contains an insert stitched to the layer. The insert folds in the pocket of the coat. Latest version of the brand's scottish, the Easyfit Star V5 does not have seams on the thighs. The leaks are contained. No leakage through the seams.


Your layer washable TE1 Easyfit V5 Star


Its strengths

  • easy to use thanks to its hook and loop fasteners
  • as practical as a disposable diaper
  • very fine, discreet under clothing
  • very powerful and engrossing as made of bamboo.

It has :

  • wide elastic at the back and on the legs : do not mark the baby's skin
  • seams new generation : no leak warranty
  • pieces of velcro, which enable you to adjust the diaper for a perfect adjustment
  • a system of pressure on the front : allows you to change the height of the layer for high scalability.


A layer in a scalable


The Easyfit Star Totsbots is scalable. You don't need to buy different sizes of diaper when the baby grows : it is suitable from birth to cleanliness (from 3.5 to 15kg).

You can use the TE1 Easyfit Star as early as 3.5 kg. For small babies or premature infants below 3.5 kg to use diapers Totsbots special new-born as the Teenyfit.


A layer is highly absorbent


Your coat is machine Easyfit Star is made of bamboo. It is the fiber more absorbent. It has an insert sewn in bamboo.

When baby gets older and wets more of its layers, you can add a booster in bamboo. He slides it into the pocket of the coat.


A layer of ultra fine


Your layer washable TE1 Easyfit Star V5 is thinner than the previous generation, the V4.

couche lavable Easyfit Star V5 plus fine que la V4

On the right the V5 Easyfit Star finer than the V4


A perfect fit


Closures, velcro fastening allow a perfect fit. The layer Easyfit Star V5 is suitable for all morphologies of the baby.


A layer safe


Your coat is machine Easyfit Star is certified Oekotex 100.


Composition of your Easyfit Star



PUL (polyester) waterproof and breathable. It is a soft fabric and stretch.


Sponge bamboo (45% viscose from bamboo, 43% polyester, 12% polypropylene).


Maintenance tips


  1. Dry storage in a pail until the next laundry
  2. Wash at 40°
  3. Dryer highly recommended not to risk damaging the PUL layer
  4. Use a detergent for cloth diapers, non-encrassante for your layers.

Avis des clients (6 Avis)

Elodie M. - 02/10/2023

Bien, mais dommage qu'il ne se serre pas plus. En machine, le linge arrive à resortir.

Anonymous A. - 05/01/2020

Le filet n'a pas de lien pour le fermer je suis déçue


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