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Kinderkraft Rapid - Push-Along




This push-along Kinderkraft Rapid offers a design that is retro super friendly. It will be the companion essential your child in learning to balance.

  • Very lightweight : only 3.5 kg
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Steering Angle of the handlebar is limited
  • 3 choice of colours

Model : Kinderkraft Rapid


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The go is a cinch with the push-along Kinderkraft Rapid

The push-along is the ancestor of the bike. It was restored in the 1990s.

It is a very effective vehicle to learn to stand in balance on 2 wheels. The child takes insurance and is in confidence. Cycling then becomes easier.

A design adapted to the learning of balance

The saddle ergonomic of the push-along Kinderkraft Rapid is adjustable according to the size of the child. The feet will be well placed on the floor. The push-along can be used from the age of 2 (as soon as the child is 80 cm).

The handlebar is equipped with handles, rubber non-slippery and attached to the saddle. Its angle of guidance is limited. These design details provides an insurance against falls.

Riding is also a pleasure... The bell is the icing on the cake that will accompany the laughter of your child.

A high-quality design

The push-along Rapidde Kinderkraft is made of lightweight materials, strong and durable. Nothing is left to chance in its design. It offers security guarantees approved by the european standards.

Your child will be safe and his parents will be reassured.


  • Minimum age - 3 years
  • Baby's weight - jusqu'à 35 kg
  • Made in - Asia
  • Warranty - 2 ans + extensions de garantie jusqu'à 10 ans gratuites
  • Material - Caoutchouc, Magnesium & Acier

Avis des clients (12 Avis)

Christelle G. - 06/09/2023


Julie G. - 15/05/2023

Très beau produit mon filleul l'a directement testé.


Bonjour, est-il possible d'ajouter 2 roues supplémentaires à la draisienne? du moins pour débuter l'apprentissage? Cordialement,


La draisienne Rapid n'est psa prévue pour ajouter des roues. Nous vous conseillons de vous orienter plus vers un tricylce 4trike qui passe de tricycle à draisienne!


Bien à vous,

Le service client.

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