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Toudoo Natura

Sanitary Pad Machine-Night Toudoo Natura




Opt for the washable !

The SHL (sanitary napkin machine) :

It is better for you :

  • No harmful substances
  • 100% organic cotton or hemp on the front, absorbent (soft and neutral)
  • Fewer rashes and yeast infections

It is better for the environment

  • Has been used very many times
  • made in France
  • materials managers (Oeko-tex or organic)

Dimensions towels, closed : 21.5 cm x 9 cm

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We advise you

Sanitary towels Toudoo Natura Special Night

Specially designed for the night and the streams abundant, your Toudoo Natura are blades wide on the sides, for less drag and better protect your lingerie.

5 models to choose from

  1. Liberty (flower motif) : Indoor: 100% organic cotton /outside PUL
  2. Satin sky : Indoor: 100% organic cotton /outside PUL
  3. Romantic: Indoor: 100% organic cotton /outside PUL
  4. Fleece organic cotton : (colour unbleached natural)
  5. Hemp: Indoor: 55% hemp-45% organic cotton/ outside PUL.

Respect your skin and the environment

The SHL is better for your body

The Towels are Washable, it is often better for your skin. In fact, the effect of maceration decreases compared to the disposable. Your skin breathes better. This provides better conditions for your skin.

The towels Toudoo Nature night also respect the planet

If you use the SHL, it is that you are certainly concerned with the ecology and zero waste.

  1. Circuit manufacturing short : the SHL are manufactured in France
  2. Impact transport low: the shipment can be done by simple letter, postcard, or via DPD. In 2 cases the carbon is offset.

Information carbon offsetting group Laposte

Information carbon offset carrier DPD.

Why use sanitary towels washable?

The sanitary pads that are washable are a good alternative to towels and tampons. Reusable, you wash and it is gone. You save and make a gesture to the environment.

The sanitary pads that are washable are manufactured in fabrics certified Oekotex 100. Your skin is not breached. She breathes during your period. The itching disappear. The use of SHL helps prevent infections.

Composition : organic Cotton or hemp and PUL

  • 1-face, PUL : Polyurethane laminate, waterproof and resistant
  • 1 face inside organic cotton or hemp.

Maintenance tips of your Toudoo Natura

  1. Washing at 60°c max
  2. Dry soft cloth authorized
  3. There is no need to iron


  • Made in - France
  • Material - 100% coton bio et PUL
  • Dimensions : - 10cm
  • Conditions de lavage - 60°

Bonjour, Je souhaiterais savoir si ça nécessite plusieurs serviettes hygiénique pour la période du cycle menstruel ou bien juste une seule serviette suffit pour les jours de ton cycle.?merci de votre réponse.


Merci pour votre question.

Une serviette hygiénique (lavable ou jetable) se change en journée en moyenne toutes les 4 heures, même plus tôt si votre flux est important, pour éviter toute prolifération de bactéries ou débordements. La nuit, il est bien sûr possible de la garder pendant plus de 4 heures. Il vous en faudra donc plusieurs, selon votre flux, pour avoir un bon roulement. 

Si vous souhaitez utiliser les serviettes hygiéniques lavable Nuit Toudoo Natura seulement la nuit, nous vous conseillons d'en avoir 3 minimum. Cela vous permettra d'en porter une pendant que les 2 autres sont à laver ou à sécher. 

Belle journée à vous.

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