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Love and Carry porte-bébés

Love and Carry ONE + Cool Birds - Door-baby physiological


Enjoy a moment of portage single with your carrier for a physiological ONE + Cool Birds, specially dedicated to the new-born.

  • From birth up to 15 kg
  • Apron-ventilated and breathable for summer and closed for the winter
  • Physiological Position provided on the stomach, hips, and back
  • Cloth material : organic cotton certified GOTS
  • Adjustment system adapted
  • Hood detachable and adjustable
  • Extension belt in option
  • Storage bag available

Model : Love & Carry ONE + Cool Birds

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The One + Cool Birds of Love And Carry: the baby carrier physiological new generation for the new-born

You had a dream of a preformed with a deck 2-in-1 ? Love And Carry the has done for you. It comes with an apron, classic cotton, but which, with the help of two side closures, reveals a second apron with mesh fabric.

The apron airy mesh fabric of the One + Cool Birds

Love and Carry ONE + Cool Birds tablier 2 en 1

In terms of use, this is a child's play for you. You can simply open or close the two zippers located on each side of your apron to get:

  • a first apron to the top in organic cotton to keep baby warm in the winter
  • a second deck below in mesh fabric for a breathable during the heat of the summer

This mesh fabric is a type of textile to mesh broad allowing good ventilation for optimum comfort for baby but also for the wearer.

In sum, through this 2-in-1 the One + Cool Birds will be your ally in winter and summer alike !

Organic cotton certified GOTS

Love and carry ONE + Cool Birds tissu coton biologique

For the greatest happiness of the baby and the carrier, your carrier physiological ONE + Cool Birds of Love And Carry is designed with organic cotton certified and approved by the label GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard). It is a label known worldwide that assures you the high quality of the products tested. The material of the preformed will bring you softness and comfort, without forgetting baby.

All the tricks to set up your ONE + COOL

There are two systems of settings are simple and mostly intuitive:

Love and Carry One + Cool Birds réglages 0 à 4 mois

  • From 0 to about 4 months: simply clip the straps of your baby carrier with the straps that are on the front of the waistband. This action ensures that your new-born a physiological position ideal. Small tip: in order not to pinch the thighs of the baby, you can tuck the straps of the apron in the rings of the respective and pass the straps below them.

Love And Carry One + Cool Birds réglages 4 mois et plus

  • As early as 4 months and more: you simply clip the straps directly to the straps located on the apron of your ONE + COOL. Simple and conventional, it is normally set on a preformed. It is for this reason that this setting will fit better for a baby of 4 months and more, while preserving the physiological position.

And that's not all ! Who said age, said growth and, therefore, evolution of the morphology of the baby. Because of this, with your baby carrier ONE + COOL, you have the possibility to adjust the width of the seat with a system from scratch, adapting completely to the shape of the baby.

Love And Carry One + Cool Birds réglages largeur

The height of the deck of the preformed can also adapt quickly: to enlarge or reduce it, you simply slide the straps through the straps of the apron.

Love And Carry ONE + COOL Birds réglage hauteur

How to put your baby in the physiological position in the ONE + COOL Birds ?

In Love & Carry, the physiological position is a key criterion. It is characterised by a deep seat and the appropriate settings (see above). This does not all, you need to install your child according to certain criteria to achieve a physiological position ideal:

  • His head is always said to be placed at the top of the carrier to help it breathe better
  • His back must draw a small curve to your torso
  • Her buttocks must be well braced at the bottom of the seat
  • Her legs should be bent, with the knees raised

This position is certified by the International Institute for Hip Dysplasia.

Logo Institut International de la Dysplasie de la Hanche

The other small addition to the ONE + COOL Birds

The shoulder straps H, or X: a more simple

You have already carried your baby for several hours in a preformed and you are told that it was not simple to change the position the shoulder straps for more comfort ? The baby carrier ONE + COOL brings you the effective and expeditious solution for you to relieve the back: the neck strap is detachable.

It will then be easy to move from the position H (strapless straight) at the position X (the straps cross) by clipping or unclipping the strap for the neck. The good weight distribution will feel and you will get a better fit.

Love And Carry ONE + COOL Birds positions bretelles

The removable hood

For the greater comfort of the baby when it's raining, it's cold, or even during the siesta, the ONE + COOL has a hood that's detachable and adjustable. It can be entirely removed when the utility is no longer there. For a touch more sweet, it is made of organic cotton.

A few maintenance tips for your baby carrier

1. Machine wash in delicate cycle 30°C

2. By air drying (the dryer is strongly discouraged)

3. Do not use bleach to clean it up: a sponge or a damp cloth is sufficient

4. To keep your preformed longer, protects-strapless-cotton-Love-And-Carry will be your best allies against the bites and the saliva of baby is on the straps !

  • Minimum age - birth
  • Made in - Ukraine
  • Material - Coton bio certifié GOTS et Polyester
  • Taille minimum - 50 cm
  • Baby's weight - 3,5 to 15 kg approx.
  • Carrying positions - Front, Back & Hip
  • Waistbelt measures - 69 à 134 cm
  • Hauteur du tablier - 25 à 38 cm
  • Largeur d'assise - 18 à 33 cm
  • Main advantage - Préformé ultra physiologique de la naissance à 2 ans
  • Weight - 760 g
  • Conditions de lavage - 30°

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