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Love and Carry porte-bébés

Love and Carry ONE Sand - Ergonomic baby carrier


UNIQUE : The only baby carrier special new-born and anti-heat.

  • Suitable for babies from birth up to 15 kg
  • Physiological Position assured to meet the baby body
  • Deck mesh, moisture-wicking and breathable
  • High quality fabric in 100% cotton
  • Easily adjustable in width and height
  • Manufactured in Europe

Model : Love & Carry ONE + Cool Sand


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Your baby carrier physiological ONE + Cool Sand of Love & Carry

Still a novelty on the door-baby physiological ONE + is dedicated to new-born babies, check out the ONE + Cool apron with its ventilated mesh ! As the AIR X, the apron is designed with a part mesh, breathable, anti-moisture, so as to let air to pass and avoid sweating in the heat. This type of deck is very handy during heavy summer heat. A further advantage which improves once again the door-baby lighthouse of Love & Carry.

Love and carry ONE + Cool Sand

An apron breathable fabric in a baby carrier physiological from birth

The ONE + Cool is the first baby carrier physiological from birth has have an apron ventilated breathable. You can now wear your newborn from her very first moments with an apron adapted to the heat.

The deck of the ONE + Cool is composed of a mesh fabric that is ventilated to allow air to pass freely and prevent moisture from settling. To take advantage of this apron ventilated, slide zippers, and wrap the fabric down to the bottom and then attach the small strap located on the belt.

This technology is highly appreciated in summer or during hot weather. With this apron, no transpiration is possible !

The coming of winter? No problem, just close the fermuture lights for back layer of cotton fabric. The anti-heat is neutralized. Like all carriers, for temperatures that are too cool < 15°c, a jacket of portage is recommended.

Love & Carry ONE + Cool Sand tablier aéré

How to adjust the ONE + ?

The baby carrier ONE + is very simple to adjust thanks to the systems intuitive and easy to use.

0 to 4 months, adjusting the straps on the belt

On the ONE + Cool, from birth up to 4 months approximately, you need to clip the suspenders to the belt while placing the baby's legs above the lannières of the shoulder straps. This setup allows the infant to be positioned very physiological and assured him of a position that is respectful of its growth. When you have clipped the straps to the belt, make sure to keep the straps of the apron in the small rings in fabric placed next to it.

Love & Carry ONE + Cool réglage 0 à 4 mois

As early as 4 months or more, the adjustment of the shoulder straps to the deck

As on a preformed classic, as early as 4 months of your baby, you can clip the straps to the apron. It is an installation that is more physiological, and keeping up for your larger baby.

Love & Carry ONE + Cool réglage 4 mois et plus

Adjust the width of the seat

To adjust the width of the seat at the level of the hips and thighs of baby, find a system from scratch. Reduce or enlarge the seat according to the morphology of your baby.

The width can range from 18 to 33 cm.

Love & Carry ONE + Cool Sand Réglage largeur assise

Adjust the height of the deck

To adjust the height, you'll find straps to the top of the apron on both sides. Drag to the top or bottom of the lannières in the straps to enlarge or shrink the deck.

The deck of the ONE + Cool measure 25 to 38 cm.

Love & Carry ONE + Cool réglage hauteur

The physiological position in the preformed ONE + Love & Carry

Your baby carrier ONE + has been designed to accommodate your baby in a position healthy and respectful of her body and its natural growth. It is necessary to pay attention to the installation of the baby in the baby carrier, to do this, be sure to follow these indications :

  • The baby's bottom placed at the bottom of the seat
  • The knees are tucked up and above the hips
  • The legs must be trained with a "M", it is necessary that they be bent, The back is curved like a "C"
  • The head is placed on top of the carrier to clear his airway

The ONE + Cool Sand is approved and certified by theInternational Institute for Hip Dysplasia.

The small addition to the ONE +

The preformed ONE + has several benefits for the wearer and for baby.

The hood is detachable and fabric

For more usefulness, the hood of the ONE + will come off easily. Use it only when you want to : during the siesta baby for more comfort during your walks outside, protecting baby from wind or cold... The hood also adjusts according to the baby's head and snaps on the shoulder straps of the ONE +.

Love & Carry ONE + capuche détachable

The comfortable shoulder straps and useful

The ONE + Cool features padded shoulder straps and many benefits for the portage with the baby. On the straps, you'll find :

  • Of the straps on each sides to hang the hood
  • A neck strap, a sliding and detachable
  • Two positions in portage ventral and hips : strapless H and shoulder straps crossed (X)

Love & Carry ONE + Cool Sand Bretelles

How to clean the baby without damaging it ?

It is very simple to maintain with care and delicacy his door-baby, to use for as long as possible in the best conditions :

  1. Be sure to always clean up tasks lightweight with a sponge or a damp cloth and mild soap
  2. Possible to put it in the washing machine at 30° in delicate cycle
  3. Recommend use of guard straps in cotton to protect the fabric of the shoulder straps of the bites and the saliva of baby
  4. Strongly not recommended to use the dryer or bleach


  • Minimum age - birth
  • Carrying positions - Front, Back & Hip
  • Taille minimum - 50 cm
  • Baby's weight - 3,5 to 15 kg approx.
  • Made in - Ukraine
  • Waistbelt measures - 140 cm
  • Panel Height - 28 à 40 cm
  • Seat width - 13 à 36 cm
  • Main advantage - Préformé ultra physiologique de la naissance à 2 ans
  • Weight - 760 g
  • Material - Coton bio certifié GOTS et Polyester
  • Conditions de lavage - 30°
  • Included accessories - Cotton transport bag (H 40 x L 34 cm)
  • Mesh panel - Double tablier mesh et isolant

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SYLVIE L. - 22/02/2024

très bien

Annabelle P. - 13/12/2023

Excellent ! Pour mon dos et confortable pour bébé


Bonjour peut on porter bébé aussi avec la tête face a l'extérieur ?


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Cette position n'est pas conseillée car pas considérée comme physiologique par les responsables du portage. C'est pourquoi le Love&carry One l'évite.

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