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Taille Bambin
Ling Ling d'amour

Maxi-tai 2.0 Daïcaling Sunflower Ling Ling D'Amour


The Maxi-tai is a new-generation version 2.0 is designed for parents wishing to bring just their child 2 to 5 years of age (20 kg).

His shoulder straps and his belt to tie in the make a door-to-toddler aesthetic and practical.

New colours for spring/summer 2016, luminous : Maxi-tai 2.0 Sunflower.


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The great change of the maxi-tai 2.0 Sunflower : strapless

The maxi-tai adopts the strapless mixed : padded at the base, they are also deployable.

The advantages of such a system are multiple :

  1. Fast Installation : no more need to spread out the swaths of fabric on the shoulders, the jumper is "pose" any one and the fabric puckers while tightening the hexagon. You install the faster your baby carrier Maxi-tai 2.0.
  2. Greater freedom of movement : with less of cloth spread on the edge of the shoulder, your movements are more. For example: it is easier to lift the arm. The new shoulder joint allows a greater freedom of movement :
  3. Greater comfort : with its padded shoulder straps as for a preformed, the maxi-tai offers a more comfortable portage. The feeling on the shoulders is alleviated, which is essential in bearing children heavy !

As for the side-deployable shoulder straps, it is essential for the porting of toddlers : by spreading the width of the sections under the buttocks of your child, you build its foundation and are helping to carry his weight.

Your maxi-tai 2.0, an alternative to the preformed

The Maxi-tai is a meï-taï for toddlers. Made of fabric cotton 100% organic, with no loop or clip to attach, it is very easy to install. Simply tie the belt around your waist, have your child sit and tie the shoulder straps.

The maxi-tai will bring your child up to 5 years (20 kgs) on the belly and the back, which makes it a baby carrier very scalable.

It weighs only 550 grams , and knows how to be very discreet. It fits also easily into its small carry bag, favourite toy pouch (not included).

The belt to tie, unique to this type of carriers, offers a sensation comparable to the scarf and gives the maxi-tai a-side " skinny " and " natural " advantage.


  • Minimum age - 2 years
  • Recommended baby age - 2 - 5 years
  • Carrying positions - Front, Back & Hip
  • Kind of Baby Carriers - Mei-Tai
  • Label - Gots
  • Baby's weight - 9 to 27 kg approx
  • Made in - Asia
  • Shoulder straps measurement - 210 cm
  • Waistbelt measures - 202 cm
  • Main advantage - lightweight and easy to carry in a bag
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Material - 100% organic cotton
  • Weaving type - Sergé Brisé

Bonjour, Le tissu est il rembourré de mousse sous les cuisse du bambin comme cela semble être le cas des préformés P4 preschool svp ? Je n'arrive pas à voir sur les photos. Merci et bonne journée

Bonjour, le Maxi-Taï Abricot de Ling Ling d'Amour ne possède pas de rembourrage au niveau du tablier sous les cuisses de l'enfant. Comme les bretelles sont des pans à nouer, il faut les passer sous les cuisses pour venir soutenir et apporter plus de confort à votre enfant. Nous restons à votre écoute, belle journée à vous

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